provides more than just hardware. We also manage network connectivity.   As a best practice, we have found an experienced partner with the experience, people, systems, and processes in place to monitor and manage data usage in real time and do so accurately, ensuring alignment of applications with the optimal rate plans.  Our partner is industry leader MACH Networks Networks.   With MACH Networks, we can offer fully-managed 4G or 5G solutions so you can plug n’ play your device and feel confident that you have the right data plan and backend support to meet your company’s growing needs.   So, what does it take to connect locations with a 5G or LTE network?   Here are our Top 3 Tips for Connecting Locations with 5G or LTE:

  1. Security is Priority 1.  With today’s 4g/5G  routers, being secure everywhere is a key benefit. Enforcing security & corporate policies for any device is now a reality without impacting your end-user experience. Content filtering, monitoring nefarious website threats, anti-malware, and many more security features can be managed centrally, and scale ubiquitously.
  2. Don’t mess around! Use highly-reliable enterprise-class routers that offer enterprise-class remote monitoring and management capability, and be sure to check and understand deployment scenarios, application usage, and security requirements.
  3. Ensure manageability is on your checklist.  Today’s LTE networks can be configured, deployed, and managed remotely, thus allowing IT organizations to be more productive, increase uptime, and eliminate costly truck rolls or administrator visits.

The telecommunication industry is going through a profound technological shift. Traditional Wide Area Networking (WAN) products and services are expensive, complicated, hard to manage, and slow to deploy. New technology has emerged that enables distributed enterprises to address these limitations by extending secure connectivity to the increasingly fluid and flexible network edge. is here to help you make this technological shift successfully.