Which Businesses Need Wireless Failover Services?
In today's always-on world, constant, reliable connectivity is essential for organizations in various fields. Even short-term internet outages can cost companies millions of dollars or even impact the safety of patients in hospitals. While every business relies on a dependable internet connection, here are some situations in which wireless failover is necessary.

What Is Wireless Failover?
Wireless failover devices use 4G or 5G technology to provide a connection when a primary "Wired" connection fails. These systems actively monitor traffic through the user's primary connection and automatically turn on if they detect an outage. Since these devices use wireless technology, they can provide seamless connections if a construction accident severs a fiber line or a storm disrupts cable internet service.

Businesses That Need Constant Connection

Healthcare Providers
Hospitals use broadband internet to sync life-saving equipment to notify doctors if a patient's condition changes immediately. The connection also allows medical professionals to access records from anywhere on a secure network, streamlining patient care. However, an internet outage at these facilities can cause confusion and impact patient outcomes.

Retail Businesses
Without an internet connection, most retail businesses can't process transactions, offer customer hot spots, or interact with their clients. Without a wireless failover system, even a short-term outage can cost a busy retailer thousands of dollars in sales and upset customers.

Agricultural Operations
Modern farms use complex software to automate sprinkler systems, coordinate the movement of harvested crops, track herds, and monitor grain silos. An internet outage can bring these complex systems to a standstill, resulting in lost revenue and wasted product. Wireless failover technology keeps farms of all sizes moving even if their primary internet provider fails.